10 Myths about ADHD

Check out our explanations of the truth about 10 ADHD myths, and links to longer articles with scientific citations & infographics.

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This website has been setup for ADHD Awareness Month, October 2019, to go along with this year’s theme - ADHD Mythbusting! ADDISS has been advocating for awareness of people with ADHD for over 25 years, and we continue to fight the stigma and ignorance that surrounds this condition. We are joined by ADHD organisations across Europe and the rest of the world to bring you the science and dispell common myths.

Have you ever been told “Oh, ADHD doesn’t exist” or “Children just grow out of it”?

Whilst we know these not to be true, you can’t immediately bring to mind the science that supports the reality. Here you’ll find 10 common myths which have been busted by world-leading experts in the field of ADHD, citing the science and respected studies. Over the next year, we will be busting a new myth every month, adding to the collection available to you.

We hope to provide you with an easily accessible resource showing the truth about ADHD, helping parents, teachers, and people with ADHD.

If you have a particular question that this website doesn’t answer, please get in touch and we’ll put it to one of our experts!


ADDISS is the UK’s national ADHD charity, providing support and advice to children, parents, and adults with ADHD for over 25 years. We operate a helpline for people with ADHD, organise conferences to provide people with information, and run the ADHD in Barnet project from our office in North London.

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